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Devin Boutcher

*Award winning in Colour and Black and Grey*

When asked what style he does, Devin normally refers people his portfolio.

From traditional to realism and everything in between. Devin's main goal is to do tattoos that get people to ask "where did you get that?" Or in one word, beautiful. Being in a studio where good artists tend to visit often helps tremendously. More often than not, lots of tattooing is passed along in travel from artist to artist. Devin Boutcher started in a studio that we'll nicely call ‘rough around the edges’ therefore travel turned necessity if he wanted to learn. A hard lesson he was told by a particular heavy hitter from the Bay Area was simply this. “Inspiration is for amateurs the professionals just show up and get to work.” After some hard hours (remember rest is important) Learn what you can at your skill and grind away at it.  At that point he has been tattooing 17 consistent years. Which to some might be a long time, anyone in the business knows it ISN’T the distance that’s the accomplishment. It’s what you’ve done along the way. Devin looks forward to bringing your idea to life!

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